Congresswoman Won't Tell Cavuto What She Would Cut

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 14, 2012.

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  2. Stupid, Libertard CUNT! Should have a bounty on her dumb ass!.

    Once a social support program is in place, nobody ever wants to cut any part of it. Well, WE CAN'T AFFORD IT! Something's gotta give.

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    The death throes of a democracy (republic).
  4. Hey...:D

    Want to see me do an impression?

    "Stupid, Libertard CUNT! On Ignore!!!!"

  5. Impression of whom? (Did I use the who/whom pronoun right??)
  6. Yeah... Unfortunately, THAT'S what's going to "give".

    And half of the citizenry... the dumbass half which voted for Odumbo, don't have a clue.

    On one of the Fox business shows last night, some reporter interviewed 25 "on the street" citizens. Only ONE had a clue about the Fiscal Deficit and the national debt of $16T... and she was a Senator's aid.

    No wonder we're FUCKED. Ignorant voters emote over "queers being able to marry" and "free birth control pills"... without a clue as to the REAL, BIG and important issues.

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  7. Stalin's useful idiots are in control. The US has peaked.
  8. I was trying to do an impression of you.:cool: :D
  9. you were supposed to use this :mad: face , nutmeg.
  10. Yeah, that is how I might say it. :D :D
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