Congresswoman thinks Bernanke was Goldman CEO

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  1. members of budget unit don't know who is Fed chief

    This country in good hands

    Although Bernanke sounds very good in my opinion
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    Bernanke: Economy needs help fast
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers today they should enact an package to stimulate the economy and help beleaguered consumers. "To be useful, a fiscal stimulus package should be implemented quickly," Bernanke said in his prepared remarks.

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  3. amen to that bro. and also congrats on the speed in which u got this tread started.

    but i have worked w/ politicals before. and they tend to be on the left hand side of the IQ curve.
  4. I hear that too! I am glad she isn't in my district :p Then she referred to Paulson as the "other guy"! That was funny. I wonder if she is a distant relative to Bush.
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    Not too suprising. Our leaders could care less about details like who our Fed Chairman is, etc. They are too busy pandering, promising and playing to the crowd in an effort to get re-elected.
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    I wish Ben would use a few less "uh's". He can be very hard to listen to at times.
  7. Makes you wonder if he knows what he`s talking about with all those "uh`s". But then again...this is Bernanke we are talking about.
  8. Link to video clip?
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    Is this because of interbreeding?

  10. omg lolol

    You @$$..

    some truth to that tho..
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