Congresspeople watching TV news

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  1. I am reading an interview with Rupert Murdock in Time Magazine dated 16 October 2006, page 8. Mr. Murdock reports that he visits Congress and observes "Democrats are 100 % CNN" and "Republicans, and they're 100 % Fox." The Time Magazine interviewer reports Fox is the only news channel in the White House and it appears confirmed by Mr. Murdock. Mr. Murdock reports the State Department only watches CNN but other government departments probably view Fox.
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    CNN, New York Times, LA Times, they all make me feel shitty because I know they are manipulating things by not covering news I want to know. When they do cover it they leave out things and emphasize the moonbat points they want to make. The overall tone is so dismal I can't handle it. How many stories can one handle about a widow that only gets $383 a month when the blah. blah commission could have ok'ed her for $392 a month?? And no differentiation between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants? How much shit can one have thrown at oneself before one gets out of the line of fire?

    Fox is a little more upbeat. I'll grab a USA Today any time I can get one. They probably are the truly fair and balanced act.

    If you want the inside scoop on a war zone get Soldier of Fortune, way more informative than anything out there.