Congressman Pete Stark Explains Leverage, Tells Reporter To "Get The Fuck Out"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Sep 3, 2009.

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  3. LOL!

    The more debt we have, the richer we are.

    LOL!!!! hahaha!!
  4. Money for nothing, get your chicks for free.

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  6. At least Dire Straits made sense with their reference to MTV stars. This guy is a hooplehead.
  7. Any economics PHD'S here? How about masters? Opinions?
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    We had the Graham Ruddman Act passed in the Regan Era.. it made congress live within it's income... Democrats took it to the courts and got it thrown out... they tax and spend, that's what they do... and they think that they are responsible for the economic miracle that the US used to be and are in denial about the destruction of that miracle..

    The US was the most productive nation on earth form about 1815 onward!! There was no tax and spend, there was freedom...

    Personally I just throw my income tax money at these assclowns and hope they stay the hell away from my family and my property... watching that video explains why Rome fell though.....
  9. And I guess the 8 years of Bush were just SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.

    You talk about denial, but you conveniently ignore the fact that Bush and the Republican Congress doubled the national debt. Bush rarely used his veto pen, and the $1 trillion dollars spent on the Iraq War was never accounted in the budget, until now.

    Keep drinking the partisan "Kool-Aid" dude. :D
  10. No further comment necessary:
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