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  1. If the congress wants to hold a criminal investigation then why don't they do it from the bottom up instead of the top down.

    We have pictorial evidence of soldiers and contractors abusing prisoners. Some of these pictures and tapes are prima fascia evidence of criminal abuse. Consequently, some of these abusers should be going to prison for a long time, if their crimes were serious enough. For example, that they may have tortured or killed a prisoner in their custody.

    So why doesn't the congress used the justice department to plea bargain these guilty individuals to testify against those, if any, who sanctioned this activity. Eventually, the evidence will lead to the top of the chain of command where these orders were initiated and that is exactly what the congress is supposedly trying to find out.

    I know that the military justice system is independent of the department of justice but in this case the congress is not concerned about someone falling asleep on guard duty or going AWOL. They are suppose to be finding out who, if any body in the upper echelon ordered this activity.

    Since it is highly unlikely that the upper echelon will ever adequately police themselves the whole hearing would be pointless, except for the reason that they hope it is providing a cover up in an effort to change world opinion.

    Furthermore, what makes the whole thing even more absurd is that the individuals who are testifying were not eyewitnesses to these acts. Whatever, they have said so far is simply hearsay and it would be inadmissible in a court of law as I understand it.

    If we need to pass another law in order to get the justice system involved then we should do it.
  2. ya that's the solution let's layer on some more laws :-/
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    Hmm...let me understand. Iraqi extremist are kidnapping, torturing and murdering non combatant foreign workers. In turn U.S. soldiers are photographing prisoners who are playing nude Twister while wearing bondage masks. Looks like the real cause is Clinton's no-tell policy......

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  6. Perhaps if we just shot RPGs at them, then we wouldn't get in trouble. Cause killing a prisoner is one thing, but seeing his pee-pee...? Well now that's just wrong!