Congressional approval ratings,Democrats 42 %,Republicans 15 %

Discussion in 'Politics' started by M Jared, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. M Jared

    M Jared

    The lack of change from last month among Americans overall masks slight shifts by party. Approval among Democrats edged downward five percentage points, from 47% to 42% -- while approval among independents edged upward by the same amount, from 14% to 19%. Republicans' approval is statistically steady this month, at 15%.
  2. Are you the biggest idiot alive?

    It is not the approval rating of democrats or republicans. The poll indicates that 42% of democrats approve of the job Congress is doing, while only 15% of Republicans approve.

    Another obvious case where the facts do not tell liberal democrats what they want, so they just start making shit up and hope nobody notices that they are full of shit. Jerk off liberals run around making bogus claims like this and then they actually have the balls to attack someone elses intelligence.