Congress Wants ISPs to Store Your On-line History

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    Congress Wants ISPs to Store Your On-line History
    Broad wording fails to define what data would be collected

    Posted 2006-05-17 14:13:23

    CNET's Declan McCullagh has the latest on a Congressional effort to force ISPs to store your browsing and on-line history. Executives at companies that fail to comply would be fined and imprisoned for up to one year, claims the report. "The Internet Safety Act gives the attorney general broad discretion" in what data will be stored, claims McCullagh. "That generous wording could permit [Attorney General] Gonzales to order Internet providers to retain records of e-mail correspondents, Web pages visited, and even the contents of communications," he states.
  2. Welcome to 1984...

    Remember now, when you are looking at porn, Big Brother is looking over your shoulder....

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    After the phone log revelation, I guess we have to assume this is already being done, and the legislation would just 'legalize' the practice.

    Typical of this administration: It retains for itself all powers that are not specifically denied it.

    A perverse reversal of the spirit of the Constitution.

    Amendment X: Powers retained by the states and the people
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
  4. another "moonbat" helping the enemy. why do you hate america?

    don't you get it - this is for "security," and anything labeled with "security" is automatically legal, moral, and desirable. if you have nothing to hide, why worry?

    it's not like your reading habits could be of any interest to anyone, anyway. government never overreaches, always protects your privacy, and never abuses its authority. just ask the IRS.
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    Anybody know if North Korea has good reliable dsl or cable internet connections???
  6. If it can be saved it can be looked at. What a huge political weapon to have the things an opponent looks at on the internet. Edgar Hoover would have loved this.

    I remember Congress being terrified about the prospect of their video rental history getting out so they banned disclsure of all that. Can't imagine they aren't worried anew about the saving of ISP searches and site visits.

    Too bad what's happening this last year or so in the battle for control of the internet. I can report that it's already having a chilling effect on weaker handed deviants like me. :(
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    The concept of "reasonableness" is being seriously eroded by this administration...and the sentiment comes straight from W.

    If 0.1% of the US population are hardcore criminals...NO georgie, that doesn't mean that it is reasonable to attach an ankle bracelet monitoring device to everyone in the country!!
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    How many more days before this little tyrant is forced out of office?
  9. Never!

    Joe six pack does not have what it takes, or the motivation to gain what it takes to take control of his own destination.

    Simply changing your task master from time to time will not gain anyone their freedom or their sovereignty.
  10. My take is not many. Republicans are not listening to the mood and concerns of the nation now (not 4 or 5 years ago) and they're going to lose the House this fall (possibly the Senate) and the Senate and White House in 08.

    Take a look at what Dick Morris says here - the guy everyone thinks is deranged. He's crazy like a fox I say.

    Pat Buchanan, a man who cuts deep water no matter what your outlook, has been flashing Republicans warnings from his vantage point and experience for a year now and they aren't listening to him either.

    I happen to have 2 Senators in this so-called Gang of 14. Broader Republican party better start making themselves look a hell of a lot more like this group or they're going to get wiped.

    This spying and privacy business is a silent Republican killer if ever I saw one in politics. Add a down market or maybe some bad storm damage running into this fall and look out.
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