Congress to audit the FED

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Should congress to audit the FED?

  1. Yes, Congress should audit the FED

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  2. No, Congress should not audit the FED

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    Russia and China have no debt because their government prints currency without interest attached to it. Their economy is also growing much faster.

    While USA has Private Central Bankers print money out of thin air and LEND it to government.

    Americans are 100 times better than Chinese and Russians with huge potential. Imagine where would USA be right now if Old European Bankers didn't take over money supply in 1913.

    These bankers also want government to start wars and get into even more debt.

    This is beyond ludicrous .........beyond :mad:
  3. Dataa


    Imagine the shock if Americans knew that entire income tax goes to pay interest on Federal Reserve printed money

    Not one cent goes to run the country.

    Country is entirely run by good and services tax. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Americans are leaking huge sums of money to support Rothschilds and other European Bankers, their parent is IMF

    Why ?

    WHY ?

    What have these bankers done to deserve such elitist lifestyle. These are criminals of the highest order.
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    The answer is simple, they are very successful scam artists of the highest order. This banking system dates back to when Goldsmiths god the idea of turning receipts they made into cash and keeping the gold that people gave them, we have been tricked into believing that paper money is real money.
  5. Dataa


    This documentary explains is in detail how it began and what scam it is today

    These Bankers are literally stealing from you and me every day.

    EVERY DAY YOU WORK. 2 HOURS YOU WORKED FOR ROTHSCHILDS and 6 hours you worked for yourself.

    If you have any brain you should be extremely angry about that
  6. If everything is so peachy why the FED secrecy. What's there to hide ?
  7. Obama started the fed back in 1913 before Nigeria was a state so he is behind this socialist plot! :D :D :D
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    Thank you.
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    Government agency's secrecy and democracy don't normally walk hand in hand. Think about it.
  10. Ha-ha, this really cracks me up...

    You guys are priceless, but then I've said it so many times already. It's getting tiresome.
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