Congress should make Viagara illegal...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. I don't have to delete these GODDAMN spam emails I get every freakin' day!

    if i were to meet a viagara peddler on the street i'd probably kick his ass...
  2. Who needs Viagra? Since taking Max Girth for the last 5 months my penis has increased 4.25", and is Rock Hard anytime I want (and much of the time that I don't want)!!!!
  3. maxpi


    Growth hormone does the same thing and also you can build (other) muscle like crazy
  4. I said Max GIRTH not Max PI!

    Actually, I think HGH is the key ingredient in most of these enlargement pills, and I do get lots of spam simply selling the HGH pills.
  5. maxpi


    Just trying to be my usual informative and helpful self.

    GHR15 is too cool. They advertise it as a natural enhancer but really it has Bovine Growth Hormone as the main ingredient. You take that in the evening and when you wake up you are 15 years old. I haven't really tracked enlargement but my weight lifting limits have bumped up considerably and being that I'm now 15 years old I don't worry about losses in the markets. It doesn't get better.