Congress Passes $373B Spending Bill!!

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  1. "The Senate overcame Democratic delaying tactics Thursday and sent President Bush an overdue $373 billion bill financing a vast swath of government and bearing a bushel of victories for the White House.

    Senators approved the measure 65-28 a month after House passage. The bill finances agriculture, veterans and most other domestic programs for the budget year that began Oct. 1 - nearly four months ago.

    The mammoth measure also protects Bush administration policies on overtime pay, media ownership and food labeling. Angry over those issues, Democrats had succeeded on Tuesday in blocking a vote on final passage."

    Holy Shite how the hell we gonna pay for all this :eek: What are they thinking!!?? :confused:
  2. Bush is FOR Big Government and Big Deficits.
    And many Republicans like myself are not happy about this at all!
    He spends as if he is a little kid in a Candy Store, and that Candy Store happens to be OUR money!

  3. msfe


    After Disputes, Congress Passes Spending Plan

    By CARL HULSE - NY Times

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 — Congress finally finished last year's spending business on Thursday, sending the president an overdue, $820 billion measure that finances most of the federal government as well as thousands of home-state projects sought by lawmakers. ...
  4. He spends our money all while he and his wealthy friends from Texas enjoy the fruits of his spending...
  5. he's a dried up, stinky dicklicker...
  6. Yes but in every country we have to face two "free choices" :
    - between a donkey fat democrat
    - between a snake fake republican

    The first is socialist and so for big gov, the second is rather facist than republican and so also for big govs. What a farce of "choice" but it's the fault of all the people: we have the candidates that we deserve because the majority is too lazy to denounce the mascarade of both political parties. P.S.: I am republican also.

  7. Bush announces new US military aid for Poland 2004-01-28

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (Xinhuanet) -- US President George W. Bush Tuesday announced a 66-million-dollar package of military aid for Poland, a key US ally in Iraq.

    Speaking to reporters during a White House meeting with visiting Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, Bush said the extra money for Poland is included in the 2005 budget request he will send to Congress next week.

    "In my '05 budget request, there is a 66-million-dollar requestto help the Polish military, particularly with airlift capacity, such as C-130 aircraft," he said.

    "The Polish army is a sophisticated, fine group of soldiers. And one area where Poland needs some help is the capacity to move those soldiers and we look forward to helping the government to dothat," Bush added.
  8. 9-11 Commission Funding Woes

    Questions arise concerning the administration's funding of the congressional investigation into the September 11th attacks

    Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2003

    Sources tell TIME that the White House brushed off a request quietly made last week by the 9-11 Commission Chairman Tom Kean, the Republican former governor of New Jersey, to boost his budget by $11 million.

    The panel has until the end of May 2004 to complete its work, but it will spend the $3 million it was originally allotted by around August 2003 — if it doesn't get the supplement.

    The latest effort to curtail funding has angered victims of the attacks. Stephen Push, a leader of the 9/11 victims' families, who are closely monitoring the commission, said the White House decision was another in a long line of efforts to water down or shrink the panel's role. "I think the fact that they didn't include it—didn't warn Gov. Kean that they weren't going to include it, didn't return my phone call—suggests to me that they see this as a convenient way for allowing the commission to fail," said Push. "They've never wanted the commission and I feel the White House has always been looking for a way to kill it without having their finger on the murder weapon." Push said the White House has ignored his phone calls and emails for weeks.,8599,437267,00.html
  9. Those fat-ass politicians have no idea how deeply they're digging their own grave. Payback's a bitch.
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