Congress Obsessed With CIA Tape Destruction, Ignores Financial Crisis

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  1. I have to agree with Jim Cramer on this one. Congress should be deep into investigations of the mortgage and related financial crises. There are many targets to look into, eg the Fed's role, off-books SIV's, mortgage fraud, the impact of giving mortgages to illegal immigrants, what happens to FNM and FRE. Instead, they do nothing, or worse, come up with idiotic bailout ideas.

    The subject that does absolutely rivet them is the CIA's destruction of some 5 year old tapes of a couple of terrorists being interrogated. This is the dream scandal to most of the leftists that make up the modern Democrat party. Unaccountable CIA agents brutally torture third world people, then destroy the evidence before they can be unmasked and prosecuted. Congressional democrats are in full media-circus mode, demanding independent counsels, criminal prosecutions, etc. More cries for impeachment have to be just around the corner.

    I wonder. I know the mainstream media will try its best to get people in an uproar over this, just as they did with the Abu Gharaib fraternity hazing incident. We will hear yet again that John McCain is against any kind of aggressive interrogations, and because he was tortured in vietnam, we should agree with him. If the north vietmanese were such war criminals, why do we have normal trade relations iwth them now? Why didn't we insist that McCain's torturers be put on trial? I guess we reserve that for our own people.

    Do the American people really want to protect terrorists who would gleefully set off a nuke in an american city? Congress has passed laws criminalizing aggressive interrogations. The military makes a big deal of saying it doesn't use coercive interrogations. i believe it. they prosecuted an officer who threatened to shoot a terrorist who had information about a planned attack.

    We already know the search for those soldiers who were kidnapped in Iraq was delayed by 9 hours while lawyers in washington wrangled over who they could wiretap. What happens if a nuke goes off or we have another 9/11 and voters learn that we could have prevented it?

    I think this is an issue that needs to be hashed out in the presidential campaign and congressional elections. Let's not learn too late that we elected a president without the balls to protect us. It's typical of the Republicans that they are running scared from an issue where they have the high ground. Given a choice, I think most voters want Jack Bauer questioning terrorists, not ACLU lawyers.
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    >Congress should be deep into investigations
    >of the mortgage and related financial crises

    Oh hogwash ... they've got many better things to do -- like investigating steriods in sports for instance.

  3. Yeah, I totally forgot about that. Really just the kind of thing we send them to Washington to look into.

    And they wonder why people like Ron Paul?
  4. democrats are the real torture, they are like brutal mind torture

    they can get over half a billion people, 300 million americans and some millions of non-americans thinking about gay marriage rights in the states and shit like that for sometime, I wonder what other crazy stuff they can do with these poor innocent minds :D