Congress just doesn't get it

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by DonKee, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. DonKee


    If they don't pass this 700 billion dollar allowance, Hank Paulson and all of his friends at GS are in trouble.

    Hanky says "you gotta do it" cause otherwise, he and his friends net worth will be destroyed.
  2. The problem is Congress DOES get it. Anything it wants.
    It even exempted itself from the 1964 Civil Rights Act!
  3. This is probably the single most important meeting of the government short of the declaration of independence.
  4. S2007S


    If they dont pass that $700B bailout plan forget IT!!!!!!

    You think the markets are nearing a bottom now if they dont pass this bailout plan you will see a global stock market collapse. I think we could easily see markets around the globe fall on average 10-20% in a week. This is VERY serious....
  5. I hope we get the decline... excesses need to be wrung out of they system, and we need to change our way of doing business. Otherwise, there is no hope for our future.
  6. lassic


    man, why don't they help these poor millionaire fund investors and billionaire fund managers.

    I'm pissed, I'm writing to my Congressman
  7. Oh dear, can't have the market go down can we?

    Why not ban all stock selling, not just short sales?
  8. DonKee


    I agree, all this plan will do is slow down the collapse. It won't change the inevitable ending, it will just change how we get there.
  9. dtan1e


    having to "pass" a so-called bailout bill at such a enormous amount, something that will affect the lives of millions of future generations quickly sounds like trying to pull a fast one to me, smells like a rat, no doubt about it
  10. $700 billion?

    Ain't no thang.

    Let's just print out more of our monopoly money and go deeper into a debt which we will never escape from.

    Pass the proposal and send the bill to the taxpayers!!!
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