Congress Freezing Some Aid To Pakistan

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    It's about time.

    A US Congressional panel froze $700 million in aid to Pakistan until the country gives assurances it is joining the fight against the spread of homemade bombs in the region, Reuters reported.

    Still, the freeze in aid, which is a part of a defense bill expected to be passed by Congress later this week, could cause further cuts, the BBC reported. The US has given about $20 billion in security and economic aid to Pakistan since 2001, mostly in the form of reimbursements for assistance in fighting militants. Congress says Islamabad has not only failed to act against the militant groups, it has actively provided help to them in some cases, the BBC reported.

    After news of the US cut in aid, members of the Pakistani government immediately said this will further hurt the relationship between the US and Pakistan.
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    Really? The date of the article I quoted and the related Reuters story is 12/13/2011 (today). Your source of the same story is dated tomorrow 12/14/2011. It's just that Obama is pulling another act of stupidity since the story broke. Since Congress holds the purse strings we'll see how this plays out.

    It's odd that I don't see the story about the Administrations statements anywhere on a U.S. news site. Just this India news site.
  3. LOL yes, that news appears only on Indo-Pak news websites. Is it possible that Indians have bypassed space-time continuum and publish forecasts as news.