Congratulations to Grover Lundquist

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  1. ...for proving republican congress to be the political meat puppets they are.

    Let's just hope now, for America'a sake, that their backbones are so gelatinous that fear of non-re-election by the American voters will trump their fear of lil' Grover's scare tactics.

    nuff said.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Isn't it Norquist?
  3. As the Good Bush said, HW Bush 'who is Grover Norquist?'
  4. Thanks for making my point, Bill.

    It's times like these I find myself missing the good Bush.

    He may have had his share of mistakes, but the man deeply cared for the people, IMO.
  5. How do people expect to never raise taxes?

    This is especially ludicrous, coming from the very ones who helped steer the nose of the economy straight to the ground. They also voted for two wars, and put them on the credit card!!

    The middle class, and the lazy folks need to step up here, as well.


    Shameful days indeed.
  6. Lucrum


    Large spending reductions, not that it's actually going to happen.
  7. If you didn't spend so much time degrading women and yourself, you might actually have something worthwhile to say.
  8. Lucrum


    "Large spending reductions" IS something worthwhile to say.

    Oh, don't forget I also degrade dumb asses such as yourself.
  9. lundquist was a famous swimmer .

    geez you are a fricken idiot or are you after biden's job?

    same difference:D
  10. maxpi


    Here's the thing: Republicans passed an act that required a balanced budget. Democrats got it thrown out... that was in the Reagan years, the last time I felt like there was any hope for the US btw. So what are Republicans supposed to do after that? They are shackled to people that want to spend with no limit, to enlarge government with no limit! Were I a Republican and in control of some money I'd spend it on something I liked, and that without limit. If I don't the Democrats will spend it on something they like and what they like is power.. they will spend it to buy votes...
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