congratulations to Ben Bernanke...

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  1. ...for executing a soft landing in the face of the pessamistic pundtis(permabears).


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    the problem is, how do you know if the fed's going to give you a soft landing or not?

    sometimes they do, and sometimes they dont

    it's hard to interpret their whims, sometimes
  3. agreed - but things are looking better then they were 3 months ago - and nothing has changed.

    -housing is still cooling
    -rates are stable
    -economy is still growing
    -some people are still worried about inflation
  4. Never been a soft landing in history.
    What makes you think we'll get one now?

  5. because no one thinks we will get one...
  6. Merrill Lynch forecasts that the U.S. economy will grow by 1.9% next year.
  7. EVERYONE does...
    Goldilocks economy...
    Reality is....
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    merril lynch predicted nasdaq 4200 by end of 2001 (in dec 2000)

  9. 1.9% growth is pretty sluggish already imo.
  10. When is the Fed scheduled to meet again?
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