Congratulations Shorts !!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bogey20, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. bogey20


    Show yourself, bears come out, this round is for you :) I was on the sidelines, but did anybody held beyond Friday options expiration? If you did, you are in good shape!
  2. Im short aapl right now, well see how long i hold that, earnings after the bell tommrow:eek:
  3. AshanD


    I was short 2 contracts at 1360 and expected some more down this week but wow. Never expected this.

    Here's to hoping for another 100 points lost this weekend haha.
  4. hopeing that great aapl report pulls rimm back up a little which was down over 6% in Canada
  5. what great aapl report?
  6. the one on 01/22/2008 between 4PM and 4:30 PM EST
  7. O, your hoping itll be a good report, ic
  8. I'm not in aapl..........stuck in rimm up high though and taking my lumps.........think it will get back to 120/share in 2008?
  9. Honestly, i have NO idea, noone else does either, just looking at the chart it doesnt look likely IMO... GL though man
  10. I just happened to be holding 20 put contracts on OII (Ocean Engineering), was planning to sell them on Tuesday anyway. It will be interesting to see how much an oil service stock like that falls tomorrow. I expect the Fed to try and do something tomorrow morning, to keep the US markets decline from being too I am not getting over excited, but I am happy that I am not long calls...whew.
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