Congratulations S2007S!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. On getting well above the 6,000 post level in the first hour of trading today.

    Nice to see yet another 20 POSTS fresh out of the gate today!

    Keep up the great work.
    I know Baron has a special "gift" for you!
  2. "SELL THE RALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOW SHOULD BE TRADING AT 11,500!!!!!!!!!!"
  3. No, dow should be at 10,000
  4. And where's ALL THAT INFLATION that he's been harping about?

    Looks like most of the commodities out there are now LOWER than they were back on January 24th when the FED started aggressively "pumping" liquidity into the banking system.

    Where's Detective and der Kommissar and all of the people that were so critical of "Helicopter Ben" and how the commodity complex was in run-away inflation mode?

  5. Gold down 40 bucks
  6. "I couldn't buy the market because the Dow didn't go as low as it should have on Monday"

  7. Yes, and the USD is so much higher also now. The price of oil and commodities hasnt went up in real terms. Bloomberg and Wallstreet dont seem to understand that. Its all about ,oh the Dow is up 400 points, yippee. So what. They are all talking about commodity bubble. But its a weak dollar that is making oil so expensive.

    Bernanke and the Gov are fooling you mate and most Americans with the illusion of wealth. A rally in the DOW and all is great,lol.
  8. Then why is Crude Oil up massively also in EUR terms over the last 5 years? It went from 30.5 EUR per barrel in 2003 to 68 EUR per barrel in 2008. Care to elaborate? Maybe Crude prices are influenced by global supply/demand?
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    Hey landis, is not you that seems to have a problem with the chit chat threads in trading, then you start this thread . What a joke