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    Congratulations on the most looked at single thread in ET history, which just surpassed an astounding 1,000,000 views:
    SPX Credit Spread Trader

    While we're at it, here's another wildly popular journal with over 700,000 views:
    Trader P/L 2006

    And this exceptional journal has over 425,000 views:
    Spydertrader's Jack Hershey Equities Journal II

    Also there's the long-running and very popular marketsurfer journal with over 350,000 views:
    The Surf Report

    Then, of course, is the frequently hilarious Jokes thread in Chit Chat with over 275,000 views:

    Again, congrats to all these popular threads.
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  3. But the all time record goes to us over here in Forex Trading for views per day.

    2698 views per day..I will let you guess which thread...
  4. To be fair, my journal has been up a year and a half so naturally a lot of views accumulate. But it is fun thread for me :D
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  6. the surf report has not been properly cared for recently due to other projects--- yet still remains one of the all time top threads.

    stay tuned for a "renewed" surf report around january 1, 2007!

    thanks everyone for reading!!

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