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  1. Congratulations to Elite Post Leader nitro on reaching 3,000 posts.
    Most of your posts are brief, but valuable, and written with wisdom. You've set the Elite Trader record! Enjoy your Palm-Pilot with the
    [​IMG] logo on it as our humble acknowledgement of your immense contribution.

    p.s. you can have my 1,000 poster-toaster, since they've apparently taken a commission off my 1,000 posts. :(
  2. ElCubano


    Wow.....that was great candle very nicely done....congrats nitro..peace
  3. Thanks ElCubano...
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    62,745 posts, and I never got a Palm Pilot! Sighhhhhh . . .
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    Yes, mr. nitro, I'm entering those orders as fast as humanly possible . . .
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    This cheese wheel is the Elite Trader message boards. I'm the yellow chunk! :)

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    Q: What happens when Keith Lockhart sticks his baton in Boston?

    A: Boston Pops! :p
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