Congratulations ElectricSavant!

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  1. Yeah... and here's a few of the quality posts:

    It's no mystery why ES got to be a moderator. ;-)

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  2. Actually, I was referring to Z10
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  3. Yes, ES is the only <b>human</b> to reach such a high post count.
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  4. Hey guys,
    I'm sure ES feels just like a peacock in the springtime, as I knew he would. Good job gentlemen.

    Please, don't forget the herculean efforts of Marlene, ( goes by the handle of “wifey” or “Mrs Savant”).
    Without her, Michael may not even be alive today.
    So don't forget to include her in the congratulatory comments. I'm sure that Michael would appreciate it too.
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  5. :D
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  6. lmao
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  7. Good news everyone!

    ElectricSavant has finished his probationary / detox period. After a 15day absence he's back to his old promiscuous self.
    Welcome back ES. I mean that.
    #17     Aug 12, 2006
  8. How do you know ES is human? A trained monkey or rabbit could easily post over 10,000 times .
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  9. ES:

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  10. Riskarb, whats your point with this post?

    Just tell us if you're happy with ElactricSavant reaching one of his goals or not.

    I for one know that he's traveled a long hard road to reach his current status.

    I'm very happy for him.
    #20     Aug 12, 2006