Congratulations Dems. You won a big battle.

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  2. Please try to get past the politics of just upending Obama. If you have Insurance, you'll be fine. Check the last 10 years of premiums, and the next 6 months, I doubt you see many changes.

    If you don't have insurance, but are still able to go to the hospital when needed, you have an added fee of about 1% per year. Isn't that the conservative way to do things? Pay not get it free?
  3. and there in lies the problem. anytime the govt gets 'a little' involved in something, you can bet its only a matter of time before they are running the entire process.

    can you say...student loans?? :eek:

    we'll all be dead before we become complete communists but sure enough, we'll get there.
  4. Don't get so extreme, you should know better. The gov't does pretty well with Medicare, perhaps not much else, but it makes sense to eliminate corporate ins companies as 3rd parties, save the overhead. We're already paying overhead to the gov't for over 50% of all healthcare, better economies of scale I think.
  5. I'm sure you are right, not many changes in the first 6 months of Obamacare. Its 3 years from now that I am worried about.
  6. Right, and by that time, either Obama or Romney will have addressed it. We cannot count on Ins Co's to do anything but raise prices, irrespective of politics.
  7. I'm of the same opinion, it seems the way the insurance companies run healthcare it's a cluster fuck. I think the gov. can do a better job.
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    Oh, absolutely. They (the government) sure have shown their incredible ability to run an operation well many times before.
  9. Yes they have, I can mail a letter/bill/advertisement any where in the USA for under a buck and it gets there in a couple of days, very cheap and fast and dependable.
    Ive done construction jobs for big companies and city, state and federal govs and there isn't much difference in the management. The government jobs did have stricter requirements and more inspections which is good for tax payers. I drive on public roads everyday, and use the public water supply and on and on. My parents are on Medicare and it's damn good. I've delt with health ins. companies this last year and holy shit, talk about a money squeezing cluster fuck (I was the one getting fucked) and the ins co was the one squeezing money, if I have the choice I'll take the gov.
  10. 1) That "cheap dependable" mail service has lost over 25 BILLION in the last 5 years and is on pace to lose 14 billion this year.

    2) "If I have the choice I'll take the government"- What happens when the government stops giving you the choice and just forces you to do stuff? Oh wait, they just did that. Be careful what you wish for.
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