Congratulations Bubble Ben, Dow 15,000 Almost Achieved

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hayman, May 3, 2013.

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    We will definitely touch 15,000 before day's end. The liquidity experiment worked to perfection......NOT!......unless, of course, you rode this HFT wave. Ben will take his Golden Parachute this year, and fade into the sunset, and the poor schmuck who takes over will inherit this disgusting balance sheet and the prelude to the biggest economic world collapse we've ever seen. The question is when: 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade?
  2. S2007S


    15,000 is coming.....

    This is not going to end pretty, just like the dot com bubble, the housing bubble, the private equity bubble, the ipo bubble, the commodity bubble, the list goes on, this is the biggest bubble in the making and if people dont realize this they are fucking fools because this is not going to end good, it never does and no this time its not different! As for the next collapse I have no idea what tools they will have ready to fix it since they have already used every tool possible in the financial crisis we are in today!
  3. Doesn't matter. Bubbles have occurred throughout history and they will occur again. The higher and the worse it ends, the better it is for us as active traders who trade for a living.
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    Exactly thats why I said even if the dow gets above 20,000 there will be a chance to buy it back below where it trades today and even lower than 12,000. Of course no one believes that until after the fact, but given whats going on with the way they are throwing cheap worthless money around its going to happen, might take 3 or 5 or 7 years, but it will happen!
  5. clacy


    Agreed. I happen to like this crap from a personal stand point because I'm fairly secure in my ability to profit from it.

    My kids on the other hand, I do worry about due to all of the money pumping and shenanigans. It seems like eventually the piper gets paid one way or another.
  6. Why do you guys complain? This is easy money. I hope you guys have positions.
  7. Anyone selling Dow 15K hats yet?
  8. d08


    So looks like in the end FED will own all equities and the entities without unlimited money supply will just watch from the sidelines since the valuation levels are ridiculous.
  9. Yeah, some of you all sound like bitches with your whining. Just play the game until its game over. Bring on Dow 30,000 or Dow 6,000. I don't care and will take full advantage of the swing.
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    The things that matter only matter when they matter.

    Trade On!
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