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Discussion in 'Trading' started by stevene9, Apr 15, 2002.

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  1. Rigel


    I'll miss the debates the journal inspired and didn't mind the info Hitman provided about commissions and office info, thought it was interesting, but it's important to respect the personal property of others, and this board is Baron's.
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  3. Yeah, it was awful. Baron deleted a link and he re-posted it once. Thankfully, ET survived this vicious assault.
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  4. If you guys want the threads completely open to anything.

    Pay a visit to Yahoo to see what happens. Some of the traders who hang around this site such as Pretorian2 and a few others started a chat room over there.

    They have plenty of instances of guys coming into the room to see if they would like to buy a fine carpet???!!!!!!!!???

    Go read the message boards on Yahoo as anything can fly. It is too disgusting to read.

    I run a messageboard too on MSN. But I delete all the advertisements so at least it stays clean. I hang out at this site as there is more than 10 fold the traffic. It is a lot more fun.

    Hopefully if Hitman says no censoring on his site it won't look like this .........

    This is the Communitiy message board for Daytraders on MSN. no content and all ads.

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  5. LOL thug!


    this is too funny.. you guys hatin' on Hitman and/or his posts must have some kinda subconscious attachment complex (sorry, didnt pay much attn in psych 101)

    .. so much hatin', yet this is the second thread regarding hitman's removal from ET.. blah blah.. looks to me you guys miss him already.. go figure!

    i personally enjoyed hitman's posts and IMO his so called "spamming" was often in context with the thread. Hitman journal threads were started by him and he was the main contributor on that particular thread.. why bitch and moan about it? i like to leave that to the chics. when hitman wrote about commission rates, payout, etc about worldco.. it was used for comparison purposes..

    many times, fellow members disregarded the moderator's pleas about addressing worldco questions to hitman privately... not hitman. He only responded out of willingness to help others get the chance he was given a few yrs back.

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  6. On how things were being handled.
    (pre 2002)
    Take a look at Hitman's early journals when he wasn't a manager.
    Those were more to what was allowed on Elitetrader. He would tell everyone about his trades/feelings and answer questions about his firm

    Than look after he became a manager....
    (2002 on )
    those types of threads are not allowed on this forum without paying Baron to advertise because he was advertising no matter what you call it.
    He eventually started a thread just on recruiting.

    Even Don has not done that yet

    Robert Tharp
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  7. I got tired of reading about "P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S" , like lord of the rings..

    err. "princess"
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  8. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    Precisely !
    thanks Robert for the example. Can we get on trading now ?
    Today was a great day, volatile and all and a major bowl of crap (the gap up). It's going to be fun tomorrow. hopefully volume will be back and we can make money easier than last week.
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  9. Even Don?? What the heck do you call that...."that's it, this is war"...I'm taking you outside......(oops, I forgot which login I used)......:)
    (actually, I only have the one).

    I really have supported Hitman on some of this stuff, and I talked to Baron (and he has not even made public some of the nastiness, to Baron's credit).

    Remember, it was the Echo posts that brought me into Elite Trader to begin with with some silliness (not necessarily yours, but your brethren....) and the point I am trying to make is that we can compete, have similar or much different business models. and be as opinionated as we like, but for the sake of everyone, we should keep it civil.

    This is not "war" - this is "business" - and since October, 2001, you, Mr. Kirkland, Jeff DeWitt, etc., have been respected competitors ...without the viciousness expressed by others on the board....and I am aware that some Bright managers have gotten a bit out of hand as well....and it is bad for all of us.

    I'm not sure why I have gotten into this so much on this post, but I think that I want to say that it is much more enjoyable for all concerned if we all act in a business like manner....and I'm sure you agree.

    So, with a little humor, and a lot of dedication, let's all help ET continue on as a resource for traders. I'm sure that our little "squabbles" are of more interest to us than to the majority of the ET members.

    Thug: Keep for faith for Hitman!! PM me a "shot" every now and then!!! :)
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  10. Don

    You should know I don't throw mud. I posted that as a joke as a lot of posters complain how you made it to the top of # of posts in just a few months. I was just saying even with the largest # of posts you have never said. THIS IS WAR I'm am now going to recruit everyone and start slamming firms left and right. Your posts are fine.


    I do need to vent though..........

    Personally I don't think too highly of the WorldCO business model and was sick and tired of hearing about them without hearing the drawbacks.

    They take a huge portion of your profits and start your off with incredible high commissions/fees. You have to survive and overcome the heavily high commissions just to get anywhere near a reasonable amount. So an inexperienced trader has a huge % of his profits being taken, he is inexperienced so he isn't making much money to begin with and he has to overcome huge commissions. Does this really sound like the great deal Hitman made it sound?

    Trying to have a reasonable conversation though with him about the drawbacks on this board was impossible.

    The majority of traders at WorldCo work for the firm. Yes they are profitable. Making $500 per day but when they have huge commissions and have to spend $600 who is doing better.???

    The firm lost $100 but if you figure out his commissions and the amount it cost the firm to do the transactions you can soon figure out that the firm made $50 for the day even if they show a $100 loss. Funding traders than makes for a great deal.

    WorldCO then claims you can start with no money. Well the majority of traders I talked with said not the case. You must put up a deposit. (WHICH makes sense otherwise you self made lottery ticket you have to have something personal at risk to keep yourself in control)
    Once you start dipping into their capital they clean out their books. Usually though your lost is just commissions.

    Meaning the firm just made money on you. Churning and burning traders in this market is a bad business model. There is very little new blood around.

    Hitman was brainwashed into thinking you need to be rewarded with lower commissions when profitable. I am sure most traders agree being profitable IS a reward and an incentive to continue. Not to lower commissions. The majority don't ever get their commissions lowered.

    Then there is the process of taking a portion of your profits. The most successful traders will never let their firm take a portion of the profits when they can keep it all for themselves. Traders I'd rather learn from and work around are successful and want to keep all of their profits.

    I've made it clear of the drawback of my firm and other professional firms. Hitman was brain-washed and never told WorldCO's drawbacks.

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