Congrats to Schindler!

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    Schindler Trading was up 7.8% for the month of September and is now up 32.1% for the year. Not bad considering he cut the volatility in half. Way to go Aaron. Of the 20,000 active hedge fund managers we have on ET, you are still the only one to publicly report your results! Good job!!!! :)
  2. maverirck do you know why they only have 3.6 mill under management with those kinds of numbers??

    was just wondering cause it says you can still inquire about investing with them, and the average rate of return is over 30 since inception.

    on 3.6 mill saying he does 30 percent thats 1.2 mil and if he charges like 30 percent on the return thats like 400k he makes which also drops the average rate of return to 20% just doesnt seem to make sense, why someone who puts these numbers up remains small.
  3. LOL, good one. :p
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    Check out the drawdown they had -- Can't remember the exact number but it was significant.
  5. Actually the come back from a 49% DD was impressive.
    Well, at least it wasnt 6 Billion.
  6. The performance numbers and AUM tell me that it's not worth running a hedge fund unless you get a pile of money and are willing to make big macro bets. With $3 million, you're getting a poverty-level management fee and the headache of many small clients with outrageous legal and accounting fees. I admire Schindler's perseverance, but running a fund this small for so long doesn't seem practical if you want to make some real money.

  7. ahhhh now i see, went straight too performance, and yearly performance, didnt even notice the drawdown, still at this rate, take something insignificant, sweep your 30 every year or 100% after three years make your money back and let it ride

    30% per year is impressive, although id still prefer to trade my own money.

    lol F*&^%$ up my own point i guess realistically after fees your probably only looknig at like 20, still impressive.
  8. Aaron


    No, all results we report are already net of all fees. The 32.1% return year-to-date is what the partners actually earned. Our returns are posted here:

    A couple other comments:

    The Schindler Trading minimum investment is $20k, so we don't have any small clients and none of our current partners is a headache.

    I agree that the Schindler Trading returns and low correlation with other investments would seem to point the way toward more assets in the Schindler Trading Program. I think it's a wise investment and am invested in it myself.

    I think we're small because we're undiscovered. Have you ever heard of Schindler Trading other than on Elite Trader? No, me either -- and I work here! :) I'm hoping to get some positive exposure from an upcoming article in Futures Magazine. Wednesday I'm giving an interview for their backpage Profile column.

    Speaking of Wednesday -- anyone else going to the Financial News Institutional Trading Forum in Chicago?

    Thank you Maverick and everyone for your support!

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading

  9. Good job Schin. You are up almost as much as I am this year! :D

    And FWIW, I luv it when some other supposed fund managers come on here and explain how great they are, but they are not allowed to give performance info...
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    Dwl, I think a lot of guys on ET just don't understand how tough and how competitive this industry is. I always laugh when I see a new thread started from some guy who thinks he is going to start a hedge fund and get all this money because his numbers are really good. The bottom line is, If you don't have the contacts now, you are not going to get the money no matter how good your numbers are. You need contacts, you need connections. It's no different in this business then any other business. A lot of guys on here just don't understand that. And what's even scarier is Aaron has the pedigree. Have you guys seen Aaron's resume? It's pretty impressive.
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