Congrats SiSe Puede!

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  1. Who are you more gay for, Baron or me? :confused:

    Do you write him private messages asking him out on dates too? :p
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  2. Funny you should ask since you sent me 3 PM's the other day.
    Here they are for everyone to see ( atleast those that have yet to put you on IGNORE ) . . .


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    Just because I pointed out what a little bitch you are with your crap calls you tried to prove I wasn't a trader which I never claimed to be. Then you used quotes of me saying that I'm not a trader to prove that I'm not a trader. You just keep digging deeper and deeper unless you to have to lash out huh stupid? That seems like fun stuff to keep a retard like you busy.

    07-11-07 03:19 PM"


    My, my . . . you really are quite insecure, aren't you?
    I think it's pretty clear to everyone here that you have some serious issues . . . Perhaps it's time to change your meds? Better yet, I think I'll simply put you on IGNORE and block you from sending me anymore absurd e-mails . . . You and all of your other aliases, like "GhostCrapper".

    Now go run along and become obsessed with some other anonymous poster on the Internet Superhighway.
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  3. Huh? 3 private messages? Dream on...and since I proved you wrong and showed you a specific post telling you I wasn't a trader I thought you were going to eat kibble and admit you were wrong. You can't though huh? Pitiful little 1 lot trader. :p
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