Congrats SiSe Puede!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Landis82, Jul 11, 2007.

    You are the MAN!

    That now pulls up your average to over 18 posts per day!
    C'Mon, you can admit that you work for Baron.
    It's ok . . .

    How much does he pay you per post?
    :D :D :D
  2. Oh, my stalker devoted a whole post just to me! Thanks! That's so adorable of you, but as I told you in response to your PM, I'm not gay and don't want to date you. :p

    You're seriously pretty dumb to think anyone would pay me to post. I wouldn't pay me to post. Actually, I'd pay me not to post.
  3. ElCubano


    Ignore button working better than i thought....:D i have yet to see one post...dont quote him ..:D

    Sisepuede...puta mala
  4. Ignore be the best feature here.

    I plan to use it liberally.

    I got rid of one lowlife, whom I now imagine to be pushing up daisies. Works for me.

  5. notouch


    I also have him on ignore. Must piss him off making all those posts and only 2 people are reading.
  6. yea he gets on a lot of peoples nerves

    Although he claims to be a small cap guru not once have I ever seen him recommend a single stock.
  7. That's because you're too dumb to read. I actually mentioned a few small cap picks once but will not anymore. :D

    How are your million(of pennies) doing?
  8. Agreed.
    And he just sent me a private message.
    I'm so FLATTERED!
  9. It was only to respond telling you "NO" to your PM asking me on a date. :p

    Like I said, I'm taking off all of next year to travel...any of you losers who haven't blown out your accounts yet can benefit from not having me post. :D
  10. Yeah, I hear that Baron has a huge BONUS awaiting you if you are able to break 50 posts in one day. Keep posting moron. You're almost there!

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