Congrats sellers of 700 break

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. oops
  2. now you gots to cover at a loss or pray the am doesnt bring GOOD NEWS!
  3. You never know, Obama might resign and let someone with a clue do the job.

    s&p + 100 on that news.

    did ya cover yet?
  4. well, you're now 5 points in the hole on that doomsday short.

    lets see
  5. 708 now. Another perfectly timed call to buy.
  6. "Congrats sellers of 700 break"


    Who in the hell would just sell a break of the 700 level out of the blue......I would say you have a NON ISSUE here! :confused:
  7. we are now at 713, just few hours after I implored you to cover your stinky shorts.

    Another picture perfect surgical call. Not even 1 point of pain for a 13 point gain. Maybe more to come.

    As for no one shorting 700, there was some nice juicy volume right there so I guess it was all natural sellers, no one here at ET would short a break like that. lol.

    And even if that were true,which it aint, I told you to BUY/COVER there which is all we're discussing here. Another realtime winner, in a long series of timestamped same.
  8. Lets face it , I told you to get short over 50 points ago in the picture perfect thread and I gave you the cover within 1 point on the low today. Now where else can you get that kind of trade for free.

    You closet stock777 followers, give some of your profits to charity , you don't want to be greedy.
  9. You rock dude! I was buying the 700's even before your call, but reading your post REALLY gave me confidence in the trade. How can I ever repay you :p :D
  10. Stock777, you still long?

    It broke your low.

    My original target was 697
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