Congrats PUT sellers. covered call sellers and

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. other delusionals.

    Hey, how'd you like to have some shares assigned Tues morn?

    Try Ebay or Craigslist to make a sale before the open.

  2. I guess “income generating” gurus will be covered under “other delusionals” , right ?
    Words of the great Wondering Bear from Larry David show comes to mind:
    “And how is your vagina today?”
  3. I suspect the answer might be "closed for repairs"
  4. more like closed for "adjustments"
  5. How do CC sellers get assigned?
  6. CC sellers get their underlying stock "ass-igned" up their behinds along with the possibility that their short-call position increases in value against them because of the volatility spike.
  7. Jaques


    I believe the write/buy season is always recycling,now,apparently is the buy season.
    The only matter is when will the write season arrive again?If the next period is still unfavorable to fly and condor,is it good for buy call,or any bull strategy on this February?
  8. I bet you every covered call seller would love to get their short call assigned on Tuesday... although with the underlying dropping, obviously it will not happen.

    Be careful about erroneous generalizations...
  9. Obviously , I was talking about put sellers.