Congrats whats next on the agenda?

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  1. Congradulations for "fixing" healthcare. Like you say...Everyone has a "right" to healthcare and nobody should have to live without health insurance.

    So whats next...Education reform! Everyone has a "right" to an education, right? So lets just make education free all the way to doctorate level! After all...nobody should be without an education. (Hey lets also make it mandatory that they have to go to school until they get at least a Bachelors degree)

    Whats after that? I know...HOUSING!! Everyone has a "right" to have a place to live. Lets make housing free. After all...nobody should be without a home, right?

    Hmm...whats after that? I know...FOOD! Everyone has a "right" to eat...Lets make food free. After all...nobody should go hungry, right?

    And if anyone says it cant be done...we will just tell them to look at Cuba. They do it and they are still functioning, so it must work, right?

    I'm not cold hearted to people without heath insurance. If they ask me for help with money to pay for medical costs, I will probably give it to them(I've done it for in-laws in the past). But the fact is,they didnt ask for help...they just took what they wanted without permission. This is called stealing where I come from. And I dont like helping people that steal.

    If someone wants something, they should ask for it, not take it by force.
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    If I were them, I'd bang out amnesty and open borders before November.
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    Yup. I'm sure the next priority is amnesty for illegal aliens. That way the illegals will get free health care, proving that Obama was indeed a liar when he said they wouldn't.
  4. yeah...let them vote too...that way they are sure to thank Obama and his gang by keeping them in office.
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    Up next is "cap & tax". They will need that to generate some tax revenue.

    The middle class is in for a 1st class fisting. :D
  6. so if a dying child is denied saving healthcare measures because of MONEY, that's ok with you :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused:

    check with jesus before you answer :confused: :eek: :confused:
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    That is why, if you really care about dying children, you should contribute some of your trading profits to an appropriate charity. The government will do what it always does -- spend our money badly.
  8. Getting all those illegals legal is a must. Repubs of the George Bush ilk won't protest because they like the slave labor and the Dems need more frightened and ignorant people in their voting block. It's a done deal!
  9. How about campaign finance reform. Oh, the Supreme Court took care of that for us. Ah, no point in it now.
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    Could we round up all the people who profess to be Christian but on every concrete issue advocate doing the complete opposite of what Jesus would do?
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