Congrats CNBC

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wjk, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. wjk


    You have once again demonstrated that real time coverage of data release is unimportant. Who needs ratings anyway, right?
  2. S2007S


    I think the number was put out sooner than it was suppose to, the market started dropping moments before it even came up on cnbc.

  3. rickf


    LOL it's CNBC, whose viewership has continued to decline this year despite all their gimmics, sfx, power panels, and octo-box discussions. Go figure.

    Hell, yesterday during lunch I surfed onto CNBC around 1:05 hoping to get some idea of the market action that day.

    To my amazement they were already doing a sit-down chat with some TV show host from Discovery Channel about "dirty jobs" .... then broke to a commercial, then came back to the Discovery guy. Talking about "maggot farming" or "chicken castrating" I might add, too!!!

    Unless they did a 30-sec summary @ the top of the hour, I don't think they did anything "substantive" on the market update until like 1:15 or so.

    Bleh. Sadly, I forgot I had Bloomberg available on that TV.....
  4. erin burnett looks like shes 50