congrads to bernanke as his plan to sky the mkt saved the nation

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    hats off to the god like bernanke. back in march when everything was falling apart he had to formulate the best way to save the system. banks and tons of other co's needed to raise money desperately to survive. but how could they raise money with there stocks down 90% and in single digits? bingo attack the stk mkt and all will fall in line. at that time he started a singular method probably using gs to sky the mkt knowing every gambler in america desperate for yield with zero rates would follow. so in may with many stocks now up 200-400% the rush to liquify started. the total to date is over $175 bil has been raised which is near a record. analysts did there part by keeping earnings est's at almost depression like levels even as the stocks they cover ran 5-10 times. so there started the second part of the sky when stocks started beating these low ball ests giving the impression that all is well. even though year over year the earnings are down 20% it didn't matter. it was"better than expected".so the mkt was prepared for 1000's of co's to go under in 2009 and the mkt saved 90% of them. so the day of judgement is now pushed back to late 2010 or 2011. now the next phase is with massive wealth created unemployment will turn up hard in 2010 giving the mkt another boost to 12,000 or so.even if inflation roars its better to having rising assets with prices than collapsing assets.we know the outcome will be bad but that day as always is pushed back
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    jnorty, is this your theme song -> ??? or are you being sarcastic???? I admit to not being smart enough to know - please enlighten!

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    i'm serious as hell . 660-1103 vertical proves it. it ends in tears but in between many made a lifetime of returns in months
  4. Most likely, IMV....

    We continue on this path of stimulus packages, one after the other.... each with the explanation of "giving the economy a bit more time to grab traction".

    In the mean time, we rack up ever greater debt.... to the point that there is ANOTHER CRISIS... greater than the last... but perhaps a few years out.

    The "end game" for America is near... could be in it right now, though...
  5. mene mene tekel upharsin
  6. Is that "snail speak"?