Confusion about the deficit

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  1. Ricter


    This is a rock-solid piece that summarizes the current situation well (imo of course. : ))
  2. "For now, however, insufficient private spending rather than excessive government borrowing is what is impeding job creation"

    Wrong. Food stamps is the way to go:

    “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative”
    “This is one of the biggest stimuluses to our economy”
    “It injects demand into the economy”
  3. BSAM


    I suppose that it is safe to assume that, sometime in the very near future, the liberals will be "teaching" us that the north pole is really the south pole and that the south pole is really the north pole.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Taxpayer: Im starting to get a little bit worried about the amount of money the government is spending.

    Keynesian: There is no need to worry about the dollar amount all we have to worry about is the amount we spend against the GDP, we will grow our way out....

    Taxpayer: I am looking at these numbers, we are now consistently spending 24% against the GDP, the highest number since world war 2.

    Keynesian: Dont worry about that spending, it is stimulating the economy, As long as we keep our deficit under 3% of GDP we are fine, as the economy will grow faster than the debt.

    Taxpayer: Our deficit is currently close to 10% of the GDP, we are in serious trouble.

    Keynesian: Oh the Deficit doesnt even matter whats most important right now is getting people back to work. Our debt is much better then greece, thus we have absolutely no need to worry, what we need to do to avoid getting caught in the same debt crisis as Greece is Spend more money, If we spend more money we will reduce the debt/deficit.

    Taxpayer Can I borrow your Lighter?

  5. Mav88


    LOL indeed, 'in a recent paper'

    There is a certain divide in this world- there are we folks living in the real economy and then there are those folks who talk about the economy for a living.

    Same parallel in tech- there are powerpoint engineers who propose and spin just about anything in a presentation, then there are people who have to perform..

    Your belief in powerpoint economic engineering is inexcusable Richter, you are an adult.
  6. Ricter


    If you told someone a hundred years ago that our debt would be $16 trillion, they might say, "no way!" And if you also told them our GDP would be nearly $16 trillion, they might say, "no way!" Context matters, calm yourselves!
  7. Ricter


    This does not address any points in the article, it's ad hominem.
  8. Mav88


    I'm saying give me the evidence that big government and academics know what the hell they are doing before quoting me some article as the supporting evidence for yet another government program.

    Everything that has transpired to date indicates this type of thing is bullocks, therefore the burden is on you, Laura, and Brad to show otherwise
  9. jem


    This is a teachable moment.

    The ridiculous spending causes massive inflation. Has our economy really grown in the last 20 years. Has any of this spending done anything useful since the fall of the berlin wall? Have standards of living decreased. Does it take two incomes to own a house in a good school district where one was once enough? All this govt spending and look what happens to our standard of living? We have crowded out entire sectors of the economy with a larger govt sector.

    Essentially the baby boomers spending has been robbing from every generation to support their habit of never paying the piper.

    They inflated out of their parents savings bonds.
    They had the govt spend their asses off for the last 30 years.
    They have saddled our children with some estimates of 900,000 dollars each of debt.

    And now when it is time to tighten the belt... they say no no no spend more. Really screw our kids with massive debt and massive inflation.

    As if our kids are not going to have it tough enough after these greedy bastards ship all our tech and jobs over sees so they could buy cheap shit at wall mart.

    Balance the budget... have a recession.. build from a real base instead a from a base of fanancial tricks.

    disclosure... I am a baby boomer.
  10. BSAM


    I'm thinking about dumping my conservative/libertarian ideologies and becoming a Democrat.

    I'm trying to decide if I do this, if it means I can spend as much as I like with no consequences.

    (A Democrat is with me and he is now swinging a pocket watch on a chain in front of me, telling me to concentrate deeply and not to worry about such nonsense as the deficit and to just repeat after what he says. He says he will finish this post, if need be.
    Ah...I'm suddenly....oh...yawn...getting...slee...sleepy...)

    BSAM is now in a deep state of sleep. I will finish this post for him.

    Okay BSAM, and any of you others who want to join, just repeat after me:

    Today, I will become a liberal Democrat.
    My first priority is to reelect our great President, Barack Obama.
    I will never utter the words term limits, balanced budget amendment, or true tax reform.
    Monday I will apply for food stamps.
    Tuesday I will campaign for abortions.
    Wednesday I will campaign for illegal alien voting.
    Thursday I will campaign to let anyone who sneaks into the country become citizens, without further scrutiny.
    Friday I will write to Mr. Obama and brother Harry Reid and encourage them to spend, spend, spend since the pending bankruptcy of the United States is no longer a concern.

    BSAM will awaken in a few hours and will never realize he started this post.
    Welcome to the world of the Democrats, BSAM.

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