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    I'm a new trader in futures.I was doing practice in demo on ninja trader.I heard that there is a difference between real & demo in trading.I mean bit deference in order taking .In demo it takes your order right away but in real account it takes time because so many traders in queue.
    So if somebody has experience please explain me.Because I'm very scared that ifn it is so it is very difficult to trade a novice trader in a real market.
  2. w/ real time trading expect to get much less favorable execution (i.e. you'll give up a tick to get in/out.

    if you're using limit orders price will usually have to trade thru for you to get filled (i.e. you have a limit to buy ES at 1389.50 and price touches 1389.50 you prob won't be filled immediately b/c there are so many other limit orders at that price in the book ahead of you so you'll have to wait until price hits 1389.25.)
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    Unlike a lot of trade simulators, NinjaTrader emulates order queue and internet delay in an attempt to model real-world situations to the extent that this is possible.

    Additional information regarding our simulation approach can be found here -