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  1. If a stocks earning are negative with little or no uptrend in earnings, then why would it rebound?
  2. Expectations of future earnings.
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    I love the title of this thread so much that I have a couple questions as well!

    1. When Goldman Sachs raises a stock (CCL) from "Conviction Sell" to "Sell", is this, technically speaking, an "upgrade"?

    2. In the current "less bad = swimmingly fantastically spot on the money buy this POS now or forever regret having hesitated a single moment" market environment, shouldn't CCL have gapped up and then rallied another $2-$3 a share today?

    3. What went wrong?

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  4. The CEO of Fed-Ex Fred Smith was interviewed today after their earnings came out and said that he expects Q3 GDP to be 3% and Q4 to be 4.9%

    For all of 2010 he expects 2.9%

    The market looks ahead my friend.
    And excess LIQUIDITY is what drives it!

  5. Stocks are going up, because they have been going up in the recent past.
    (i.e. bubble)

    Most people only buy after stocks went up, and sell after they went down.

    No wonder most people lose.