confused on emini trading hours?

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    at the CME, I found the following info for the CME E-mini Russell 2000;

    Weekday Openings 15:30
    Sunday & Holiday Openings 17:00
    All Closings 15:15

    I'm confused :(

    I thought it opened at 9:30 and closed at 16:30.

    Please let me know, thanks.
  2. Continious is the key....

    Chicago Times (CST)

    Opens Sunday @ 17:00 takes a 15 minute breaks daily at 15:15-15:30. Ends up closing on Friday at 15:15.

    YM in the CBOT has different hours...(est times I believe and they close at 17:00 est and I vaguley remember them opening back up at 20:15est)

    Michael B.

    Bourbon, you may be referring to RTH....(Regular Trading Hours)
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    thank you ElectricSavant!
  4. Bourbon,

    Don't want to confuse you...but many brokers calculate day trading performance bonds differently because they do not man a night desk.

    DayTrading performance bonds can be reduced to as low as $400.00/contract on the ES if traded during RTH. But the CME considers a session for open to close which is 15:30-15:15 next day. Its when you carry from one trading session into the next trading session that the full performance bond should be required. There are a few brokers who do not observe this for the reason I stated above and only allow daytrading performance bonds from 9:30est- 16:00 est or 16:15 est.

    Michael B.

    P.S. also control how your candlesticks are beginning and ending and understand it...(especially if you use lagging indicators)
  5. One more thing Bourbon....Contracts do end and you must roll them over every three months..(but then there is continuious data available on some of the charting platforms, so that you can seemlessly test and/or scroll through)

    Ok, Now that you are totally confused....cya :)

    Michael B.
  6. I'm a visual learner... something like this?
  7. Is the red horizontal bar going accross placed correctly? (scuse' me but I am a savantish' learner...)

  8. Yeah, the start time is the top of the block... so the red bar is from 4:15-4:30 est
  9. and Globex is down 4:30-5:00 PM
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    does IB have a night desk and observe CME hours for intraday margins?

    and is it as low as 500 or more like the announced 1350 for ER2?

    thank you for the extra help folks, I really needed to know the full info on trading hours. It "might" help ;)
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