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  1. This market doesn't know what it wants to do.

    There is a lack of true leadership (though transports are hot today due to the Buffet effect - weird, they are richly valued).

    I think there is a fear of trade friction between the U.S. and China lurking, tax issues pressing investors, and uncertainty over the true state of Friday's job report, inflation and the lack of a clear federal reserve authoritative posture.
  2. Buffet knows you can't "offshore" or "outsource" transportation, and with EVERYTHING being imported, plus coal being our only home grown fuel, the rails should do well. You can't easily build new tracks to increase competition and trucks are much less efficient for longer hauls. That puts rails in a position to dictate prices in the right markets.
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    180,000 new jobs, revisions from the prior 2 months before 16,000 jan and 16,000 feb, unemployment rate dropping again. Funny thing is last fed meeting the markets jumped on a possibility of a rate cut sooner than later, fast foward and it seems now the chance of a rate cut is about 0%. There will be no rate cuts anytime soon.

    I think the market is undecided and waiting for some earnings this week from AA, RIMM, DNA and the biggie GE on Friday.

    ALso PPI due out as well.

    Besides that I would PAY VERYYYYY CLOSE attention to asia and other world markets, all of them are at fresh highs. I believe they are ready for another sell off. Most of these markets are up over 10% in just one single month.
  4. Seagate (STX) warned. Not a good omen for tech hardware OEMs.

    Alcoa (AA) will release earnings after 4 pm est today.

    Citigroup (C) is slashing tens of thousands of jobs in consumer banking, while Fremont General (FMT) looks to be in big trouble.

    Very skittish market.
  5. Nope, nothing shows any indication of any sell off coming. The market continues to drive the pipe dream, relying on cheap money (yen) to finance everything. Until that changes, it's 100% up room to go.
  6. Are you still long? if so, you have to be patient.

    There will always be negative news and gloom but that hasn't prevented the markets from moving higher since oct 2002.
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    As an intraday trader, i don't care what the intermediate-term direction of the market is. As an investor, i care very much. As either, i don't know.

    But i would observe that:

    1. the market has shrugged off one bit of bad news after another;
    2. There is a distinct lack of selling and only muted enthusiasm for buying. ;
    3. In the long run, the market hates full employment;
    4. Inflation is above Fed Target levels.
    5. The intermediate-term economic picture is less then stellar.
    6. We have had a long, long ride up with only a mild correction that has already been largely reversed.
    7. There is an idiot occupying the Whitehouse.

    As "N.Q. Enqueue" has said, tomorrows direction is left as an exercise for the student.
  8. ======================
    And some prices look [as narrow a range] as a pipe.:cool:
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    stx or amd, doesnt matter market doesnt seem to care.
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