Confused: IB Statement Dec 03

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by t0yland, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. t0yland


    My IB statement in Dec 03 shows this:

    2003-12-22, 00:00:00 NXPS -- -0.5333 1.4500 0.77 0.00

    That is listed under the stock transaction section. Basically saying at midnight I shorted half a shard of NXPS. I have never traded NXPS. IB says it is a dividend. IF it was a dividend why is it under the stock trading section? Why would it be short a share if its a dividend?

    I bring this up now because its throwing my taxes off by $0.77 .
    Its included in the 1099 TOTAL GROSS PROCEEDS section and not the dividend received.

    If anyone know what this transaction might be please let me know.


    Oh theres no record of myself ever buying this back yet I currently am not short.
  2. alanm


    Did you have a position in this stock prior to this? What was the position? Did the stock split, or was it involved in some sort of spinoff that caused you to end up with an extra 0.5333 shares, which they then apparently converted to cash?
  3. t0yland


    I have never traded this security. I really have no idea where this trade came from. Neither did the guy on the other line of the phone so he just said, "dividend".

    Anyway its really messing up my taxes.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


    Just got this email from IB:

    Dear Trader,

    This was fractional shares being taken out of your account at the value of
    $1.45 per share times .5333 shares equalling $0.77 credit to your account

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.


    IB Customer Service

    I guess I could wonder why it was taken out. :/
  4. rwk


    If you traded an ETF, such as QQQ, you could have gotten a divident that way.