Conflict of Interest - Fast Money

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  1. I have always wondered how Karen Finerman the supposed the hedge fund manageer and guru gets away with giving recommendations on the Fast Money. Isn't there a big conflict of interest there?
    Couldn't she just recommend certain trades to the public and then profit off those recommendations at her hedge fund?

    Is this legal?
  2. Since when did that matter?

    Please don't tell me you are a Cramer fan...
  3. Except most of her recs tank soon after.

    She's lost big on a couple of her holdings she disclosed on TV.

    I wonder what her hedge fund perf numbers are.
  4. Not a Cramer Mad Money fan.

    I am a Kramer Seinfeld fan.
  5. Finerman hasn't made money since her Icahn deal. Her lack of edge is staggering.
  6. CNBC is owned by General Electric. There's a conflict of interest for you.

    Merrill Lynch owns a piece of Bloomberg, but Bloomberg seems better about self-policing itself, IMO, and the dynamics aren't quite the same as they are with a gigantic network such as CNBC and General Electric (and NBC and Microsoft).
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  7. And if all else fails and you are CNBC just blame CRUDE
  8. CNBC's blaming crude now, too?

    Damn. I'm going short. When NBC allows smack talk about speculation, you know it's going down, baby!