Confidential Republican "Death List"

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  1. Confidential Internal Republican "Death List" which leaked out from the RNC headquarters.

    Ranks of "5" mean that the Republicans consider the seat lost and there's nothing they can do about it.

    Four means it's probably lost.

    This shows that the Republicans admit that at least 11 seats are gone forever (rank '5')
  2. Not one comment from a Republican about the internal Republican memo? No reflection at all?

    At least 11 seats are going to be lost, and possibly even more than 18 for the Republicans, and not one Republican elderly white male cares to reflect on what might have gone wrong?
  3. November 5, Will you please disappear??
  4. I'll probably go back to just the trading threads.

    So no reflection at all? No mea culpas, no understanding of how you as a follower might have contributed to this mess that the Republican party finds itself in?
  5. We all know the reasons
    Dem House in 2006
    Clinton deregulation in '99
    Clinton Community Reinvestment Act
    Carter for givng Islam a foothold
    LBJ great society.
    FDR policies prolonged the depression, but too many think they solved them. set a bad template.
    Wilson , for not following through on his invasion of white russia
    19th century Democrats, for slavery , racism, that led to Black man despair for generations
  6. So really, in your opinion the reason that the Republicans (in their opinion) may be obliterated and lose nearly 20 seats is because the Republicans haven't been able to sufficiently communicate that everything's the Democrats' fault.

    Is that lack of ability to communicate these facts to the public, as always, due to the media?

    And you feel that Republican followers have no culpability for any of this? Such as, for example, living in denial of their culpability?