Confidence or lack there of.....

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Blasted Lines, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. I've been trading for about 15 months now and seem to be entrenched in my first real psychological rut.
    Most of the stocks I trade follow the S+P futures, so trades are based on what direction i think futures will break. Up until this point I've always held positions until i knew that i was wrong (ie: my blotter was screaming red). Now it seems that at the first sign I may be wrong, I'm out.. I'm getting fees out the ying yang with minimal gains when i'm right and when i'm wrong, i'm getting hammered all the while positive the specialist is fucking corrupt.

    Today pretty much sums it up. When futures broke away from 1263 the specialist moved it a penny then took away the bid (of course getting me to punch out) and then ripped it a couple cents. I immediatley (revenge??) start thinking short. So i spend the rest of the afternoon trying to pick tops in the futures when I was originally bullish.

    I guess my question here is has anyone gone thru this nut kicking mental fuck of an experience and if so, what helped get you past it? Nothing worse than being right but not having the nuts to stick it out.

    Thanks for any input.