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  1. Trading individual stocks has been my full time profession for almost 7 years. I've made more money than I ever could have hoped for or expected. Confession #1 is I read the elitetrader site and sometimes even post. I think this is mainly due to bordeom. I'll follow with more confessions whenever I run out of anything else to do. Confession#2 is I believe very few people on this site actually make money. Confession#3 is I believe none of the gurus on this site or pretty much anywhere else can make money themselves or help anyone else do so over any extended period of time. I'd love to hear confessions from the other dozen or so successful traders on the site if u choose to share.
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    I do not trade my own account but trade for a firm.

    I do make money and get a bonus of pnl. I may not have the balls to go on my own but honestly I dont have the market knowledge to even try. Going on 4 years and have made my firm as well as myself money.

    I think the one thing I learned is trading for me is not the sexy job people think. There is a lot of hard work and learning involved.
  3. I'm not really Russian
  4. Confession #4 is I really appreciate the folks on the site who take the time and effort to call bs on the guru snake oil salesmen. I'm much to lazy to do that myself and I think it does a great service for the unknowing and unsuspecting.
  5. I am a trader but i am not trade full time , only part time ( OPG) ,
    but I don't make money at all and I was a trader almost 3 years. Now I try to find the way to trade full time , but I don't have any
    experience to find what strategie I should trade base on what so ever even what web i should get in. I saw your post with 7 years
    trade individual stocks . I hope you ca help me alitle bit about what i should learn in my position now .I tried to trade during the day but end up loosing mney al the time and I can't stop i and I tried to find to find thing on the web , tried to learn thing so can get better than before but it was still the same I hope you understand my situation and help me out .thanks
  6. Trading requires hours and hours and hours of screen time, common sense, critical thinking, and most importantly development of an edge.

    How do I know most traders on here don't make it? They only worry about 1 axis of the chart and don't have the drive to learn more.
  7. Confession #5. I don't mean to be a buzz kill but I think most people who try trading shouldn't have bothered and if they prove this to themselves by losing and continuing to lose they have no one to blame but themselves. If u get to this point and are still searching for ways to become profitable the first step in quitting is to admit u have a problem

  8. so you mean i have to do alot home work before to trade for the other day , or i can srceen hour hour during market open
  9. lol.

    I'm not a spice girl. My mom's name is not paprika.
  10. I just want to know how you got started in trading and how much were you expected to make back then?

    Any obstacles you had to go through or was everything a smooth sailing?


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