Confessions of a somewhat reformed addict

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    No great reason for posting this, but what the heck. The following is a list of some of the junk I have purchased over the years, for the most part, years ago. Feel free to comment, or reinforce how stupid I feel for all the money tossed away for the most part. Or post all the stuff you have bought on the road to billions. :D :( I'm doing some cleaning out, but I am not throwing out all of it, just amazed at how rich I'd be if I threw the money in an account and got interest, and picked up books on trading at the library instead!
    Daytrading at home, a group I found on the internet
    Futurevisiontrading training material
    Unknown(a few of these) eseantially a 1-2-3 system
    System from D. Geubelle a trader at the CME called D.G. Trinity(another pattern system)
    Options Navigator
    RS of Houston
    Don Fishback material
    Options 40 in 4
    Beating the Index with Index Funds
    Jake Bernstein(thats a real hard one to admit
    :D )
    1 Larry Williams course
    Joe Duffy system
    Jeff Cooper 5 Day Momentum
    Don Miller How I make A living trading the QQQ(Q)
    Secrets of Traders course by Larry Levin
    Ultra Reliable Seasonal Trades(actually did these for awhile)
    R&W Technical a commodity program, cost way too much money as I got in at the point it wasn't optimized for and got killed on price and trading! The guy who ran the company got cleaned by the CFTC, but that really didn't do anything for the moeny I lost there.
    Not a complete list unfortunately, some I threw out a long time ago. If you come on to bash my stupidity, I won't even put up an argument. Good trading and I hope all find a lesson of their own in this mostly waste of money.
  2. No reason to feel stupid. For most of us learning to trade is a process of elimination, wading through all the crap that doesnt work, to find something that does.
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    I agree with easyrider no need to feel stupid about buying this stuff 95% of the traders in this forum have done the same thing!

    It's a an expensive process learning to trade and we all fall victim to this stuff.
  4. Everthing I have bought, I got something from it! I refuse to be a loser :)
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    Thanks, and I did learn something from each purchase, but some of it didn't need to cost as much as it did, and thats what I hope new traders can figure out before they throw money at just any vendor.
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    Hand raised high in the air for this guy! Uggg :D
  7. Wait and none of it turned out to make consistent money?