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  1. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I did not start out with the intention of deceiving anyone but somehow it snoballed and if felt good presenting myself as a successful trader. I am not a successful trader. I am not even trading right now. I am not retired. I dont have much money. I am sorry for the deception. I started a new identity with the intention of being honest this time but I think its better to clear the air. This is a great board and a great bunch of people. I'll be reading the board but will keep my opinions to myself. Bye.
  2. What was your alias? tradeRX???? :mad:
  3. jaan



    although i would not condone what you did, i just want to tell you that your witty comments have made this board much more enjoyable (at least for me). so please continue participating -- under a new alias, if you feel that'd be more appropriate.

    - jaan
  4. so you're saying you're a trading systems vendor?
  5. Magna

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    Damn Nic, I was ready to hire you to coach me. :) Seriously, thanks for coming clean, it was the honorable thing to do.
  6. gary


    Most if not all boards have some fluff. You coming clean may open some eyes. Sorry to those who dont , but I find it funny!!!
  7. Props to you Nic for having the guts to admit it.
  8. Rigel


    Wrote "somehow it snoballed.."
    Reminds me of the adulterous woman who says "It just happened". A poor excuse. Good you admitted it though. Now KNOCK IT OFF! (Step #2)
  9. I am still trying to figure out if Nic was joking as a play off of the "Im a coach thread" or if he is serious??!! Nic??
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    Nic--What the f---k??----This is insane. Is this a joke or what? Tell me you're not serious Nic and this is a play on Gary's "coming out".---- No, sorry Gary I don't find it funny when morons deceive me.
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