'Conditions générales' or 'contract rules' for an IB customer ?

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  1. Citta


    1/3) Context
    I am an IB customer outside UK.
    English is not my native language, so my expression may be clumsy, sometimes.
    Please answer me in 'simple' english, I mean: 'not too idiomatic'. OK?

    2/3) Litigation with IB
    A litigation between me an IB is going on: I cannot give details on content, but I can share information about form.
    NOTA : I hope the sub-forum chosen to open this thread is not too irrelevant. I looked at the list of subforums and tried to do my best to choose a good plade to post.
    I am joining relevant correspondents, as lawyers.
    Of course I will have to pay them, at some moment.
    And I would prefer not to pay them for searching documents that, normally, I should be able to provide.
    Now I am looking for a particular and contractual document:
    (for an IB customer) the 'conditions générales', french term I would translate by 'contract rules' (?).

    3/3) For an IB customer, where can I find the 'conditions générales', i.e. 'contract rules' ?
    Juridically, opening an account at a broker's is signing a contract.
    This contract has rules that are displayed in a document.
    When you open an IB account on the web, you go along many pages and documents, but you may not keep a copy of all of them.
    And anyway, my former PC crashed.
    So I have no idea where to find this juridical document: the 'contract rules' that rule the relationship between a customer and IB.
    The IB website is huge, and my limited english vocabulary -for example about in specialized terms- is also a handicap
    Please, can somebody send me this document or let me know where I can download it ?

    Good evening
  2. Kohanz


    Is THIS what you are looking for?

    A simple Google search for "Interactive Brokers contract" brought it up.
  3. Citta


    After a quick glance :
    Yes, it really looks like it !

    Well, this is an example of limits of somebody who is not really fluent in english : I can read newspapers articles in english, but I did not know that translation for "conditions générales" (in french) would be, in english, "customer agreement".

    I recognize this document, I met it before (before the crash of my former PC ^^).

    You have been wise, swift, efficient and helpful : tnx Kohanz !

    For information : since this search, I posted another question about how to find lawyers in London...

    Have a nice week-end !