Conditional orders anchored to fill price?

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  1. Anyone know if it is possible in IB or any platform to create conditional orders where limit price of a secondary order are set based on the fill of a market order executed earlier?

    For example, if market order A fills at at price X, then automatically order B with a limit price of Y, based on the previous fill price X?
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    OCO bracket orders? That's a common feature of major platforms......
  3. Thanks. For most OCO orders where the contingent (secondary) order is a limit order, the limit price must be set ahead of time no? Not dynamically set once the first order is filled?
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    In IB system, you can use bracket orders and play with these settings in configuration / Order Presets:

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  6. @patrickrooney @guru

    Thanks, super helpful.

    Can the user set the limit price of the second part of bracket order as percentage of the first fill? (As opposed to a fixed increment above or below the fill?)
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    The TT Bracket order won't do that but that's a fairly easy algo to build. You could create that order type on TT without a great deal of effort.
  8. Thanks for the response. Are you a programmer?
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    No, I am not a programmer but I build algos all the time. ADL (algo design lab) allows you to stretch together chunks of proven code. Gives you the ability to create unique algo strategies without writing code.