Condi Rice Trial Balloon Sighted

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  1. Drudge and the neo-con commentariat are all abuzz with Condi Rice as VP talk this morning.

    I have one question: just how fucking dumb do they think we are?

    Romney might as well pick Jeb Bush, who at least has some experience in elective office. Obama's core strategy is to blame his failures on Bush. Putting Rice on the ticket would make that a lot easier.

    While her views on any real issues are a closely guarded secret, it is assumed she is another Colin Powell fake republican, eg pro abortion, pro affirmative action(duh), pro illegal immigration/amnesty, pro tax hikes and obviously in favor of the catastrophic Bush/neo-con foreign policy. In other words, for everything republican primary voters were against and which Romney assured them he was against.

    Drudge says she electrified the crowd at some Romney conference with a lot of empty rhetoric about America leading the world. Great, who's going to pay for all that? Bush broke us trying to do that. And how did it work out in the places we tried it, like Iraq and Afghanistan?

    If we have to have a moderate, let's get someone like Christie who can go toe to toe with the democrat thugs and media and who has actually been elected to something more significant than student council.
  2. Evidently dumb enough to think obama is the answer?
  3. Brass


    Perhaps they reviewed your post history?
  4. lol.checkmate.
  5. perhaps she is too sane for the current republican party?
  6. +1 the GOP has lost it's mind, and that is a shame. The dems manage to keep the Greenpeace wing of their party at bay. Why cannot the GOP control it's hard right wing?
  7. LOL!!!
  8. ummmmm, they dems are going along with every Obama initiative. Obama is the greenpeace messiah.

    So i gotta ask.. What the flock are you talking about exactly?? :confused:
  9. Yes, exactly right. The extreme hard left is all that is left of the democrat party.

    We basically have had three parties for the last 20 or 30 years, the hard left dems, the moderat reps and the conservative reps. Republican voters got tired of being sold out and started insisting that republicans represent the views of the people who elected them, instead of playing the Washington game.

    We see where compromising got us. We see how much compromising the liberalss do, which is zero. so we either fight fire with fire or concede defeat.
  10. Really? I did not realized you were so uninformed. So just why is the hard left upset with Obama?
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