Condi rally.

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  1. We need to start another war soon to get peoples minds off the twin deficits.

    Did you know we already spent $300 Billion in Iraq and the bastard wants to cut your benefits (soc. sec.) that you pay in for?

    You guys better make a hell of a lot trading because you are going to live a lot longer and need a lot more money to live off for retirement.
  2. Wasn't the president elected democratically?
    Don't blame him, blame those who voted for him, because they gave him the power to do what he did and will do.
    It only takes some more time before all americans will realise why outside of the US so many people were against Bush.

    And many americans will pay for years to come for what Bush did.
    Ask Buffett what he thinks of Bush.

  3. Think of the massive stimulous being thrown at the economy by way of huge tax cuts and huge outlays on the wars and "terror" in the US.

    what happened to those color coded alerts they had before the election?
  4. You have to ask yourself, why do people want that electronic voting that has NO paper trail and NO puplic audit procedures.\ allowed at all
    Hotdog stands are more closely regulated.

    I've seen fairer elections in 3rd world countires.
    Funny how easily people can be led into slavery.
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    Maybe not if you look at Black box voting. org....

    Here is a snip from the site:

    - - - - - - - -

    TUESDAY MAR. 8, 2005: Investigation Update (Submitted to members of the House Judiciary Committee on Mar. 4 and Mar. 8.)

    In mid-February, Black Box Voting, together with computer experts and videographers, under the supervision of appropriate officials, proved that a real Diebold system can be hacked.

    This was not theoretical or a "potential" vulnerability. Votes were hacked on a real system in a real location using the actual setup used on Election Day....

    - - - - - - - -

    There is a chance that when the election was promised to Bush by the owner of Diebold that he would deliver Ohio and Florida that when it happened the way it did was dishonest.

    Sites where the Diebold machines existed varied from the exit polls to the actual reported numbers by about 6%.

    Other areas had other issues that made tampering look likely.

    There were issues in places of large negative numbers for Kerry. How does a negative vote get cast?

    In my business I do data driven web sites that rely on the same technology that Diebold has but in a kiosk style.

    I watched a video from this site about how they were able to hack into the voting boxes and it was just like my sites. The security on it is very low and it was the lack of a voting trail which means the votes can't be checked once they were made that is among the main concerns of Bev Harris.....


    So, what implication is there for the Stock and other markets is the vote were a sham?

    What if Bush wasn't elected?

    Why were the voting systems made to not include a paper trail....the big argument is that Diebold that also makes the ATM machines and they give you a reciept and keep one in the ATM should a technical issue arrise.

    Who benefited from the specification of no paper trail?

    If this was a case of voter fraud this wouldn't be the first time.........
    The American history has several elections that were suspect.

    If the election was rigged or not the machines should not continue to be both hackable and void of a paper or other trail to reconstruct votes in a recount situation.
  6. Bush is a good Christian man, and a fine president. I don't believe he will ever side with a non-democratic tyrant.
  7. And than they play policeman in the rest of the world:
    watching if there the elections are not manipulated
    telling nobody may have nuclear weapons ( except the US)
    nobody may seeks false excuses to take power (what happened with Iraq?)
    everybody has to respect nature ( except the US that doesn't sign Kyoto and wasting inthe meantime 25% of all the energy in the world)

    For people not living in the US the image of the US has changed radically, and not in their favour i must say. Only, i think the americans are not aware of this change in tehe rest of the world.

  8. Whenever the market is in the doldrums create war or send someone over to distract.

    Remember Weapons of Mass Distraction.


    Fear gets people to give their power to someone else. We all do it unconsciously.
  9. None of this banter is important... The only thing that counts is will your Technical or Fundamental or Psychological Analysis have you short when the Nuclear Exchange Begins...

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    More like babysitting
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