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  1. The NFL must do something much more than they are now about curbing concussions. There's just way way too many..just saw a seaHawk knock his brains on the sideline..this is unacceptable. perhaps new and improved shock absorbing turf rules and regulation? and definitely better helmets
  2. Even worse than the concussions are the broken necks and threat of paralysis. If you upgrade the strength of the helmet two-fold you still have a neck on a swivel that can be broken. Look at what happened to Eric Legrand from Rutgers in 2010.

    I guess you could prevent that by creating some type of nascar hans device. Basically your head can only move left, right, forward, backward, down and up to a certain degree. It would probably diminish the quality of the game thus ratings which means owners would never support it. Not being able to hit someone in the helmet with your helmet while they can't defend themselves is one thing. A device that makes NFL receivers look like division two college receivers is another.