Concealed Carry Desert Eagle

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    :D :D
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  2. CC, I was with you until I saw the How to Protect Yourself video. H&K 45? I mean, really? A total pussy compared to my Springfield Armory XD(m) 45! When I pack it in an IWB Smart Carry holster right in the front, oh yeah! The girls do a double take! Hell-Low Big Boy! How many times can that thang shoot off?
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    Colt 1911 New Agent here. I also tend to carry IWB.

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  5. New Agent? What happened to the old one?

    Serious question, yes i consider a Desert eagle to be absurd, but seriously, for those who do CC, do you feel safer?

    Or simply more confident?
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    The odds are very slim I'll ever actually need it, but then if and when I do need it it's too late to apply for a permit and purchase a weapon. When you only have seconds to protect/defend yourself, the police are only minutes away.

    Within weeks of me getting my carry permit there was a restaurant shooting in Las Vegas. Hardly the first one I've heard of. A guy walks in and just starts shooting, three ended up dead. Me personally I'd rather be able to or die trying to defend me and mine than sit hiding under the table waiting for some ass hole to walk up and and shoot me. There are many many instances where crimes are thwarted by gun carrying citizens. You just almost never hear of them because the leftist media is fervently anti-gun.
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  7. Good thing this lady didn't rely on the police..........

    NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — Sheriff's officials in southwest Florida say a clerk at a 24-hour food store shot and killed a man who tried to rob her and take her 1-year-old daughter.

    Store owner Del Ackerman told the Naples Daily News ( ) his granddaughter shot the man after he stormed into the store Tuesday afternoon and demanded money and grabbed the stroller that held her baby.

    Authorities say 22-year-old Elizabeth Easterly was alone in the store with her 1- and 2-year-old daughters. Collier County Sheriff's spokesman Jamie Mosbach says the man was acting erratically before the incident.

    Mosbach says the clerk shot the man as he headed toward the door with the child. He was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries.

    The sheriff's department is investigating.


    Information from: Naples Daily News,
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    The perp is dead and they are investigating....lolol. Money well spent.

    Seriously, whens the last time a cop actually thwarted a crime instead of just follow up work?
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  9. Absolutely safer as crooks have that sixth sense and leave you alone while you carry.They just feel it.
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  10. Safer? No.

    More confident? No.

    Comforted? Yes. They're all going to Hell with me.
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