Computing Dark Age v2

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  1. So it seems we made it past the Dark Age v1. During this period, all laptops came with shitty CCFL/LED screens and they ALL friggin use PWM dimming. PWM is the trader's biggest enemy. It strains your eyes while you're trying to make out the trade setup/pattern. As a result you often fail to properly detect it.

    Now here comes the Dark Age v2. Most Laptops no longer use PWM to dim the screen. BUT they also no longer have nice resolutions that allow you to properly appreciate the chart details. They are all tending toward microscopic dot pitch. The F needs anything more than 1080p on a 15.6 inch screen. Crazy world we live in! The day the OEMs stop selling 15.6 inch 1080p laptops that's the day all of us visual pattern traders are collectively doomed!
  2. 3 answers: AMOLED. Switch resolutions. Pattern trading not recommended.
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    Plug a monitor into your laptop or an intel NUC. Problem solved.
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    Lmao. I wonder about the thought process of someone who doesn't know how to use a PC or a large external monitor
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    Also, read Fooled by Randomness , you are smoking Crack if you think you "see" patterns in stock charts . Patterns exist but it's things like nature and particle accelerators and etc but not markets